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The impact of mentoring youth.

Mentors can provide Youth with a trusted adult whom they can turn to for advice and guidance outside of their family home. Mentoring gives young people access to caring, stable adults and as a result they are more likely to see improved academic, social and and economic prospects. Research shows that youths who have been mentored are 55% more likely to enroll in college and 130% more likely to hold leadership positions!

A mentor’s role is to listen deeply to what the youth is expressing and reflect what they hear while drawing out positive aspects and the strengths exhibited by the mentee. We ask new mentors to be as present as possible, and to listen without judgement. We let them know we are always here to offer support, council and guidance along the way.

National research has shown that mentoring youth increases their 1) self-confidence 2) self-efficacy 3) social connection 4) academic motivation 5) social competence 6) self-expression 7) presence of trusted adult 8) commitment to education.  As these assets are increased, resilience—which mitigates the effects of trauma and stress, and promotes positive growth—increases as well.

“They’d get along better, they’d listen better, they’d care about each other…”
“At first we only liked a few people, but now we have more friends and trust each other”
“Other kids should do mentoring circles, in every school!”
“Boys should do it!”

“(The circle) helped me tremendously. I’ve been attending for five years. It’s a great place to talk about problems among friends. To not have circle is like not having a place to call home.”

“ helps with my anxiety and depression.”
“Sometimes listening to people and talking about our problems helps everyone

High School Boys

The boys are getting a deeper appreciation for the dynamics of this group; specifically speaking the truth and being authentic.

Male Mentor

“We feel satisfied! We hoped for a healthy, balanced role model with shared interests and found just that!”

Her son’s assessment:
I liked having someone to get to talk to about anything.” The thing he liked best was “getting to have a male figure in my life.

A Mother