Sarah Kreisman

Executive Director

Sarah comes to us with many years of experience working with environmental and youth-focused non-profits. After serving in the Peace Corps in Panama, she worked with the Girl Scouts and the Friends of Tryon Creek State Natural Area in Portland while completing a Masters Degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies. Sarah is very excited to be working with RVM to support and expand its reach in nurturing and empowering the youth of our community.


Laura Pinney 

Program Director

Laura Pinney has worked with nonprofit organizations, communities, schools, and individuals across North America, bringing connective practices, and fostering education programs that nourish communities for over 15 years. She has a background in expressive arts therapy, the art of mentoring, community systems, and nature connection. Laura is passionate about building bridges of connection that create meaning for individuals and foster stronger, more resilient communities. A mother of two, and known for her laughter, compassionate questions and deep listening, Laura is thrilled to be able to work with RVM to support our youth to find a true sense of belonging and purpose through their connection to this amazing community.


Lynn Chertkov 

Youth/Mentor Supervisor

Lynn came to RVM from the Washington, D.C. where she devoted her professional life to work with under-served children and their families. Graduating with a Masters in Social Work she established a cooperative preschool for working parents, and a center that provided after school and summer programs for children who needed specialized emotional support.  Developing programs that boost children and families toward emotional health and well-being have been a driving force in her life. Living in the Valley she is finding time to paint, enjoy theatre and the outdoors while bringing her background in youth work to RVM. Training and supporting mentors, responding to schools who want to bring mentor circles to students and facilitating circles both enrich her life and that of others.


Jenna Sather

Office Manager

Jenna comes to Rogue Valley Mentoring following a desire to contribute to healthier, safer, kinder communities in Southern Oregon. She completed a B.S. in Healthcare Administration from SOU in Summer 2019, and has a decade of varied administrative and communications experience. She enjoys exploring the wilderness in warm weather, and big pots of veggie soup with crusty bread when it’s cold out. She has 4 children, ages 9 to 14, and a little rescue dog named Max.


Natasha Bicocca

Program Assistant

Natasha is the Program Assistant, and she came to Rogue Valley Mentoring through our Programs Director, Laura.  She states, “I quickly fell in love with the organization, as this is something I wish I had when I was younger.”  Natasha’s background is in photography, cinematography, and graphic design.  She is passionate about making meaningful connections and showing people the light at the end of the tunnel.  Natasha is thrilled to be able to work with RVM to support youth in finding a true sense of belonging and purpose through their connection to our amazing community.


Jim Tully

Lead Mentor

Jim is a Lead Mentor for Rogue Valley Mentoring; he is married and the father of one son.  Jim is a retired Christmas Tree Farmer and corporate Sales Professional.  He has been mentoring boys for approximately 10 years.  Jim’s favorite past-times include reading, motorcycles, tennis, hiking, coffee breaks, and conversations with friends.



Todd Iversen- Treasurer

Todd Iversen joined the Board of Directors in 2016.  With over 15 years in various leadership and management roles in the software industry, Todd brings extensive organizational, operational and financial management skills to Rogue Valley Mentoring.  Having been the beneficiary of many formal and informal mentoring relationships both in his personal and professional life, Todd is passionate about fulfilling and strengthening the agency’s mission to serve the community’s need for youth mentoring in the Rogue Valley.


Billy Crawford- Staff liasion

Billy Crawford spent 22 years at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as the senior administrator for the Dept. of Physical Therapy clinical practice and academic doctor of physical therapy program and the UT Dallas as the coordinator for adult continuing education. In these roles he was primarily responsible for finances, human resources, HIPAA compliance, and accreditations. Other career anomalies include being a facilities manager and software tester for a telecommunication company and owning a small, weekly newspaper. He and his wife, Cheryl, enjoy hiking, birding, cooking, and goofing off. He holds a B.A. in history and English for which he has no regrets.


Tom Marks-Ladd

Tom Marks-Ladd is a husband, father, and friend who lives in Ashland Oregon with his wife and two children.  He enjoys yoga, music, mountain biking, and martial arts.  He is the Founder of Rogue Natural Foods, the Rogue Valley’s only certified organic food distribution center. Tom is a fierce champion of life and the commitment it takes to focus in the age of distraction.  He believes that having the right mix of strength and technique to meet life’s challenges is crucial to being healthy and happy.  Recently, after some deeply challenging personal times, Tom shifted his focus into leadership and mentoring work.


Rebecca Williams- Chair

Rebecca has a passion for identifying transformational opportunities. She has spent her career transitioning organizations through cycles of change and learning inside education and social change start-ups, public/private hybrids, nonprofits, small and medium sized businesses. She specializes in leadership, strategy and implementation, innovation, and operational refinement through the NIST Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program. Rebecca has been an executive coach and board member for many community organizations across the Pacific Rim. Rebecca’s passion for mentoring individuals to find their talents and gifts has allowed her the opportunity to create and facilitate workshops in personal and professional development inside organizations she’s advised. As a lifelong leaner, she has completed doctorate studies in Organizational Leadership, a Master’s in Public Policy for Human Capital Training and Development and Education from Pepperdine University and her Bachelors in History from the University of Alaska Anchorage and numerous courses in experiential personal development.


Linda Tetreault

Linda has recently settled in Oregon to be near family; she came from the Boston area bringing with her over 40 years of experience in Architectural Project Management focusing on healthcare designs.  Linda decided upon turning 50 to focus her life on personally assisting vulnerable populations in our world, beginning with serving for 3-years in the Peace Corps (Madagascar).  She continued her work joining Doctors Without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres) in 2013, working in unstable environments from Afghanistan to West Africa during Ebola.  Throughout her professional career in Boston, Linda also worked within her community in developing Adult Mentoring Programs as well as producing & hosting a weekly informational television show on assistance programs available.  Throughout her work, Linda has recognized the importance of a supportive base in order to meet challenges, and is committed to continuing her work now with Rogue Valley Mentoring in our area.