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R ogue Valley Mentoring matches adults with youth for one-to-one mentoring, and utilizes experienced volunteers in school and community circles. Youth in all these programs receive in-depth mentoring every week, or at least four hours per month. The mentor becomes a friend, advocate, champion, and a guide in the young person’s life. Research shows that young people who experience trusted relationships with caring, stable adults outside of the home are better able to develop into resilient, healthy adults.


  • Support youth through a mentoring relationship
  • Serve as a positive role-model and trusted friend
  • Strive for mutual respect
  • Listen deeply and actively, without judgement
  • Notice and uplift youth’s strengths
  • Build self-esteem and motivation
  • 1-to-1 Matches: Communicate and plan activities with mentee and/or their family

Participation Requirements

  • The Mentor Approval Process includes: taking the Mentoring Essentials Training, an approved Background Check including Fingerprints, an Interview with RVM staff, and RVM staff completing 3 of the 4 references you provide on the Mentor Application.
    • The Background Check requires photos of valid state or federal identification to complete.
    • This process is free to you: fingerprints can be rolled at several retail locations around the Rogue Valley.
    • Complete the Mentor Application to get started – RVM staff will reach out to you when we receive it!
  • Interest in working with young people
  • Be available to volunteer locally for at least 1-year
  • Dependable and consistent in meeting time commitments, and following through on plans
  • No felony convictions, and no violent or sexual criminal history, of any kind
  • One-to-One Mentors: Proof of current auto insurance

Time Commitment

  • Approval Process: attend a Rogue Valley Mentoring Essentials Training (held 4 times per year: ~12 hours total, over multiple sessions), complete the background check (via computer, except the fingerprints)
  • Expect an average of 4 volunteer hours per month, once approved and mentoring youth (more or less, depending on type of mentoring)
  • Attend quarterly, in-person Mentor Support Meetings: we provide dinner, training, and a chance to build community with other mentors, and RVM staff! These last 2 hours, and happen about every 3 months.
  • We offer an optional, 1-hour, monthly Zoom meeting with other mentors and support staff, to get support with your mentoring, and help others
  • You will be invited to attend other RVM events, trainings, and community outreach – these are optional.

One-to-One Mentoring

We try to match one-to-one mentors with youth who share similar interests, so you can do things that you like to do, together. Mentors and youth go on walks in the park, attend fun cultural events, ride bicycles, go to the bowling alley or rock gym, and do other fun activities in the local community. We ask for a 1-year commitment to the match, from mentors and families, to ensure the mentoring relationship is beneficial for the youth: consistent and stable.

Circle Mentoring

Rogue Valley Mentoring circles consist of a group of 11-15 youth, and 2-3 background-checked, trained staff and/or volunteer Mentors, who meet to discuss things that matter to youth, and to problem-solve together,  helping them to build life skills.  We bring snacks, games, and crafts; we build trust by showing up, and listening to youth. We remind youth that what they think, feel, and need is important, and we support school staff and community partners by providing another layer of support to their students. 

Youth move chairs to sit in a circle, and each group creates their own agreements. Common circle agreements include, “We’ll listen when others are talking.” or “We’ll respect one another’s differences.”  Youth are not required to share, and may always choose to pass. Themes often arise from the circles, and mentors support discussion of topics the youth are bringing. Mentors are not therapists or counselors; we know that how youth choose to handle their lives now, sets the tone for how they’re going to handle things later in life. We are they to listen, support, and empower youth to help themselves.

RVM has youth circles in Talent Middle School, Prospect Charter School, and several Community Programs where our volunteers can support.  Circle volunteers must complete additional circle training and/or shadowing, in addition to all approval steps listed on this page, before being approved to lead youth circles with RVM.

  • A mentor is a friend and a role model.

  • Being a mentor adds depth and meaning to your life.

  • A mentor is someone who is transforming and uplifting the community.