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Here & Now
When you meet with people,
at work or wherever it may be,
give them your fullest attention.
You are no longer there primarily as a
person, but as a field of awareness, of alert
The original reason for interacting with the other person
buying or selling something,
requesting or giving information,
and so on ~~ now becomes secondary.
The field of awareness that arises between you
becomes the primary purpose for the interaction.
That space of awareness becomes more
important than what you may be talking about,
more important than the physical or thought
objects. the human Being becomes more
important than the things of this world.
The arising of that unifying field of
awareness between human beings
is the most essential factor
in relationships on the New Earth.

Eckhart Tolle

This poem is present in the beginning of the Rogue Valley Mentoring Resource Guide for our mentors and circle facilitators.

How does this poem feel to read?
How do you feel this poem connect with the work of mentoring?

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Rogue Valley Mentoring22 hours ago
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