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Rogue Valley Mentoring
Rogue Valley Mentoring6 hours ago
Happy Friday, Southern Oregon! Our 5th Grade Girl's Circle is happening every Tuesday afternoon from 4p - 5p, outdoors in the beautiful weather, at our Nature Center offices in Medford.

If you have a daughter in 5th grade who would like to join us, please register at
Rogue Valley Mentoring
Rogue Valley Mentoring1 day ago
Words from @chasinggarza via @teenvogue, plus some information to consider from the FAQ zine created by @mpd_150 🙌
“Police departments are descendants of U.S. chattel slavery.” A brief history of policing in the United States shows a legacy of systematic racism.

Read more at the link in @teenvogue’s bio.
This FAQ zine has consistently been one of the best tools for sparking conversations about a police-free future. Find a printable version of the zine now at our website, in the “frequently asked questions” tab. Feel free to share. Also, please note that this zine is less than a thousand words long- it’s just framing the overall argument, not giving you all the answers. Please check out the “resources” page at our website for a big collection of more in-depth research and commentary on what this would actually look like in practice, how harm might be addressed without police, and how we can keep each other safe.


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