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Rogue Valley Mentoring
Rogue Valley Mentoring1 day ago
Art from @selfcarespotlight 🎨

Do you ever notice yourself not feeling like you’ve “earned” your time to rest?

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time or space in your life to really honor your own needs and your own process?

Consider that having time and space rest, breathe, and to process your feelings isn’t so much something to be earned, but something to be prioritized!

We are all human. We all need space for these things. And, growth doesn’t happen overnight!

Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself that space. You deserve it. 💕
Rogue Valley Mentoring
Rogue Valley Mentoring2 days ago
Call to action from @rogueactioncenter: We are celebrating Grants Pass District 7's vote to terminate the employment contracts of Damiano and Medart, who instigated the "I Resolve" movement targeting transgender students and pushing for policy changes that would penalize and stigmatize transgender students.
There is a long and deep history of transphobia in our communities, and LGBTQ+ students and allies are organizing to speak out, document the harm that has been done, and hold our schools accountable to take action to make schools safe and inclusive for all students, families, and staff!
This pushback on trans rights is not just happening in Grants Pass. Damiano and Medarts’ I Resolve movement is part of a coordinated national effort by the right to use transphobia as a tool to recruit more people and build their movements.

On Wednesday July 28, the Three Rivers School Board will consider adopting policy ACAB, the Every Student Policy (Link in Bio Action Item # 8) This is awesome news!--this comprehensive commitment to the rights, safety, and unequivocal acceptance of our students, partners, and staff, has particular language to protect those who identify as transgender. This policy is a step towards providing better protection and support for transgender students, but there is local opposition from a small but vocal minority.

Please read the Every Student Policy and send a letter in support of it. And/Or show up to the board meeting July 28th and wear purple in support.

Very few district policies get feedback. This one is certain to be receiving letters against it, because the GP/JoCo religious right is on the warpath. PLEASE take just a moment to be sure the board hears from people who believe that trans people do exist and that we deserve to be included and protected.
Thank you for taking a moment to protect and support safety and inclusion for transgender kids and all students and staff.


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