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Rogue Valley Mentoring
Rogue Valley Mentoring5 days ago
Today! @ahstruthtopowerclub

The dedication ceremony for the BIPOC Celebration Mural installed by Truth to Power. Go to to RSVP and get more info – and dress warm!
Rogue Valley Mentoring
Rogue Valley Mentoring1 week ago
Today is Trans Day of Remembrance. Today, we pause to remember those who’s lives were taken to soon.

Violence against trans people is not a problem for just trans people to solve. It is the responsibility of all of us, and perhaps especially cis-gendered folks, to fight transphobia and violence against trans people.

Please read these slides from @pinkmantaray to learn more about how you can take action, and for those of us living in Southern Oregon, there is a very real and tangible way that we can support local trans youth right now. Head over to @ahs_queerstraightalliance ( - posts in purple) and @siskiyouabolitionproject ( to learn more about what’s happening at Grants Pass High School and how you can support and stand in solidarity with the GPHS Pride Club in their fight against transphobia and the erasure of trans youth at their school.

Trans Lives Matter. 🏳️‍⚧️

First slide’s artist is unknown, please let us know if you know who’s art this is! 💕

Be kind to each other 💙


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