A circle is a safe place for youth to share their truths.

A circle is a place for youth to explore and understand themselves and others.

A circle is a place to practice healthy communication.

A circle is a place for youth to listen to others speak about things going on in their lives. Participants learn about confidentiality and how this contributes to making the circle a safe place for this kind of sharing. The circle is a place where the skills of listening, witnessing, sharing and supporting each other are modeled and taught.

Two to three Mentors are trained to guide each circle. After the Mentor Essentials training new mentors are closely supported by our Lead Mentor Support Specialist. Her role is to serves as a coach in the circles until such time as they new mentors are prepared to facilitate on their own. In addition, monthly mentor support circles take place in order to offer continued guidance, training and community building for the mentors.

The Mentors are trained to create the context for the circles but the youth  determine what they would like to do in the circle. What topics are of interest? What activities do they want to do together?

Would you like to be part of a circle that meets at a school, or a community circle that meets on the weekends or after school? We offer circles for youth ages 10 to 24.

Circles are currently active in Medford, Central Point, Phoenix and Talent. New circles are forming all the time.

If you want to participate in a circle, contact us and we’ll be in touch about current opportunities.