Mentors change lives. Mentors give back to their communities. Mentoring is rewarding!

Rogue Valley Mentoring matches adults with youth for one-to-one relationships. These youth receive in-depth mentoring every week, or for at least four hours per month. The mentor becomes a friend, advocate, champion, and a guide in the young person’s life. Research shows that young people who experience close relationships with caring, stable adults outside of the home are better able to develop into resilient, healthy adults.

We make every effort to match one-to-one mentors with youth who share similar interests and personal background, so you can do things that you like to do. Mentors and youth go on walks in the park, go to the mall, attend fun cultural events, ride bicycles, and do other fun activities in the local community. Our mentoring matches ideally last for at least one year, however we allow the youth and mentor to choose and agree upon the duration of the commitment and ask that this agreement is upheld.

  • A mentor is a friend and a role model.
  • Being a mentor adds depth and meaning to your life.
  • A mentor is someone who is transforming and uplifting the community.

About 14 months ago when I first started meeting with my mentee, she was very shy & standoffish. She was having lots of trouble both at home & in school, which often escalated to violent outbreaks. This relationship certainly beckoned at both of us to step out of comfort zones! I am happy to share that my mentee is now in a MUCH better place! She has not only opened up with me in huge ways, but is also much more comfortable communicating with other adults as well. She is doing well in school, has made many new friends, rarely has outbreaks, & communicates very openly with me every time that we hang out. Working with Rogue Valley Mentoring has been one of the most rewarding & fulfilling aspects of living in this area. I am so grateful for the connection that we have all been able to cultivate through the mentor support meetings.” – mentor Laura Carmody

Interested in finding a mentor for yourself or someone you care about, complete the mentee application below:

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