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Coyote Trails School of Nature, Medford, OR

Rogue Valley Mentoring provides in-depth training in the art of strengths-based mentoring. We have trained more than 400 mentors and provided mentors to approximately 1,000 young people ages 10 to 24. The Mentor Training is only the beginning of a journey into learning about new and innovative ways to support and empower youth through mentoring. Our team, including clinical psychologists, provides ongoing support on a monthly basis through mentor support circles as well as in-circle coaching. We also invite our partnering agencies in the community to come and do certified training with our mentors on subjects such as Suicide Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Use, and Bullying Education.

Some of the Subjects Covered:

  • Strength Based Mentoring

  • Relationship Building

  • Active Listening

  • Mindfulness for Adolescents

  • Healthy Boundaries

National research shows that mentoring relationships thrive when adult mentors receive adequate support and training from program staff. As a mentor, you will always have someone you can turn to when you have a question or concern—or when you just want a listening ear. You will be invited to monthly mentor circles where you can give and receive support from other mentors.


RVM Volunteers: Donation     

Agencies/Non-volunteers: $150

Fees due at time of registration, payable via PayPal on our DONATION page.

Checks and applications mailed to:
Rogue Valley Mentoring, 295 E. Main St. Ste. 6, Ashland, OR 97520

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