Rogue Valley Mentoring lets young people know that they are not alone. A caring and compassionate ear shows them that they matter, that they are the experts of their own experience.

The mentoring of youth builds inter-generational bridges, creating a much needed synergy enriching the lives of all involved.

Research tells us that close relationships with caring, competent adults foster resiliency and mitigates the effects of childhood trauma. By providing emotional support to young people who need it the most, we encourage positive youth development. Mentored youth enter adulthood knowing their self-worth and ready to contribute to their communities.

Young Adults Who Were At-Risk for Falling Off Track But Had a Mentor Are:

55% more likely to enroll in college

78% more likely to volunteer regularly

90% are interested in becoming a mentor

130% more likely to hold leadership positions.

Our mission is to transform communities through the mentoring of youth.

We mentor young people, ages 10-24, in Jackson County through circles and one-to-one relationships.

Our vision: Together, adults and youth create community of mutual support, respect and understanding


Rogue Valley Mentoring transforms communities through the mentoring of youth

Value: Youth Empowerment
Value Statement: At Rogue Valley Mentoring we believe youth are the experts in their own lives.
Behavioural agreements:

  1. We provide trauma-informed care through strength-based mentoring
  2. We encourage youth voice and choice through the practice of active listening.
  3. We commit to a continued practice of self awareness that allows us to stay open to meeting youth where they are at. 

Value: Equity
Value Statement: At Rogue Valley Mentoring we prioritize the importance of adapting our organization and programs as needed to provide relevant services to diverse populations. 
Behavioural Agreements:

  1. Recognizing and acknowledging our own biases.
  2. Listening and responding to the needs of the whole community.
  3. Continued commitment to learning and growth.

Value: Building Community Resilience
Value Statement: Rogue Valley Mentoring provides programs and services that help to reveal participants strengths and inherent ability to face and overcome challenges.
Behavioural agreements:

  1. We are committed to cultivating partnerships to strengthen the web of support for youth and families in the Rogue Valley.
  2. We facilitate intergenerational connections.
  3. We support youth through building resilient communities of RVM mentors, staff, board members, community partners and stakeholders.


RVM is proud to act as the Fiscal Sponsor of SOHealth-E (Southern Oregon Health Equity Coalition). 

The mission of this amazing project is to advance policy, systems, and environmental changes that promote equity and address the social determinants of health. RVM is excited to work closely with SO Health E to strengthen our presence and mission throughout diverse communities and their supporters within the Rogue Valley. The work we do is trauma-informed health care which aligns beautifully with SO Health E’s focused work with marginalized populations.

Check them out and learn more about the incredible free community education opportunities they offer!