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Marie Bat’el – Operations Manager

Marie Bat’el has benefited from mentoring relationships and circles starting in her teens and throughout her life. She strongly believes in the philosophy of local sustainability in the coordination of care and empowerment of human resources. Marie has her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Southern Oregon University as well as a Masters in Divinity degree from the Pacific School of Religion. Her fields of study and involvement with progressive Christian churches provided her the training in and passion for an appreciation for diversity in all of the human family. Marie is happy to lend her extensive experience in office management to Rogue Valley Mentoring for the growth and success of this important work.

Bella Feldman – Program Manager

Bella joins Rogue Valley Mentoring with more than 30 years’ experience in serving youth and in the nonprofit sector. Bella and her family moved to Ashland from Ukiah, CA in 2007 for a position with a local Synagogue.  Trained as a Cantor, (a Jewish clergy person), Bella has been mentoring students and providing support to families throughout her career. Her unique background includes being an educator, a youth group counselor, a choir director and a bandleader.  Bella helped to grow and strengthen her previous congregations and schools through creative outreach programs.  She is passionate about building community.


Ellen Craine

Ellen Craine helped birth the Rose Circle in 2005 (now Rogue Valley Mentoring,) along with many other women.  Since then, she has served as a volunteer mentor, Program Director, Executive Director (2013-2015) and now Board Chair.  Ellen has a rich background in teaching, training, mediation, facilitation and community organizing. She has a particular love for the power of mentoring to make a difference in the lives of youth.  In her “retirement” she enjoys creative writing, hiking, and traveling. 

Todd Iversen

Todd Iversen joined the Board of Directors in 2016.  With over 15 years in various leadership and management roles in the software industry, Todd brings extensive organizational, operational and financial management skills to Rogue Valley Mentoring.  Having been the beneficiary of many formal and informal mentoring relationships both in his personal and professional life, Todd is passionate about fulfilling and strengthening the agency’s mission to serve the community’s need for youth mentoring in the Rogue Valley.

Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford spent 22 years at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as the senior administrator for the Dept. of Physical Therapy clinical practice and academic doctor of physical therapy program and the UT Dallas as the coordinator for adult continuing education. In these roles he was primarily responsible for finances, human resources, HIPAA compliance, and accreditations. Other career anomalies include being a facilities manager and software tester for a telecommunication company and owning a small, weekly newspaper. He and his wife, Cheryl, enjoy hiking, birding, cooking, and goofing off. He holds a B.A. in history and English for which he has no regrets.

Stephanie Koerella

Stephanie Koerella joined the Board of Directors in 2017. For the past twelve years, Stephanie led and organized overseas community service trips for teenagers in China, Australia, and the Caribbean. With a background in marine science and a mind for logistics, Stephanie hopes to tease out the data that will confirm what she already knows to be true from her own life- that having a mentor can make all the difference. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys knitting, running, cooking huge meals (and making an even bigger mess), and camping with her husband.

Rachel Jochem

Rachel has a Masters Degree in Child Development and Ph.D. in Human Development from The University of California, Davis. Her research interests are on children’s social emotional development in the context of parenting. Rachel’s preference is for observational data collection and narrative analysis of conversations within dyads. Her recent publications focus on how contextual and individual factors influence parents’ perceptions of themselves as parents and how those perceptions relate to parenting behaviors. Current research projects include explorations of parents’ “Emotion Coaching” strategies with adolescent children and what it means to be a Father in contemporary American culture.

Sarah Kreisman

Sarah comes to us with many years of experience working with environmental and youth-focused non-profits. After serving in the Peace Corps in Panama, she worked with the Girl Scouts and the Friends of Tryon Creek State Natural Area in Portland while completing a Masters Degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies. She is currently a full-time Mama and homesteader on her farm in Talent where her family raises sheep, pigs, chickens and organic veggies. Sarah is very excited to be working with RVM to support and expand its reach in nurturing and empowering the youth of our community.

Tom Marks-Ladd

Tom Marks-Ladd is a husband, father, and friend who lives in Ashland Oregon with his wife and two children.  He enjoys yoga, music, mountain biking, and martial arts.  He is the Founder of Rogue Natural Foods, the Rogue Valley’s only certified organic food distribution center. Tom is a fierce champion of life and the commitment it takes to focus in the age of distraction.  He believes that having the right mix of strength and technique to meet life’s challenges is crucial to being healthy and happy.  Recently, after some deeply challenging personal times, Tom shifted his focus into leadership and mentoring work.